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A Ugandan Fashion,Beauty and Cosmetics Online store. Home to streetwear Brand N/A

The Translation Ngabi,a word from a Ugandan language translates to ‘Buck’ in english.The brand is a statement of the fearlessness we need to uphold in order to achieve success regardless of conditions life throws at us. The Come Up Created in the summer of 2015,as a way to channel frustration minorities face Our Slogan-Get Yours, deeply evolves from the capability everyone is born with to attain greatness irrespective of harships faced . The Brand prides itself in exclusivity on the streets.All collections are in limited availabilty worldwide. Grateful to all clientele growing with the brand.

Our Mission

Positive Change Through Fashion

Our Slogan

Get Yours is dedicated to be online home for African beauty and fashion brands starting with Uganda ,the home of the brand. The aim is to create an ecosystem to  facilitate marketing and online sales of African brand products within local borders and overseas.


Who is person behind Ngabi?

Ugandan national Mutaawe Eric Joseph,  started the streetwear brand in his junior year (2015) while studying his bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering .


Where are Brand retail locations?

Recently Its retail is focused on China and wholesale channel is focused on brand motherland ,Africa. Focusing on production and (or) design of quality apparel for institutions;schools, sports teams, etc

What are garment production capacities ?

The brand has teamed up with a China garment factory behind production of some Foot Locker and Disney apparel collections, this is to ensure quality of collections and production capacity to fulfill large  wholesale and distribution orders .

How many years of experience in textiles and garment production ?

The garment factory has worked with international brands for over 15 years. Within this time it facilitated start of few brands ; in high-end fashion and streetwear (Humblekloud, Ngabi, Unpolished and others worldwide )