When it comes to us melanin popping girls, very few lipsticks out here have what it takes to keep up with our awesomeness like y’all brands got to catch up with us. Never the less we did the home work , research, shoplifting and all it took to get you recommendations to the lipstick out there that looks cool AF on us melanin-rich Beauties that’s with a capital “B”. Oh btw we were joking about the shoplifting lipsticks statement earlier just in case any of you readers happens to work with law enforcement near Village Mall. We will suggest stores to get some of the lipsticks if you fancy getting yourself any before the New Year.

Did you fear use of black lipstick? Well it’s time to embrace this fear of yours and go slay with confidence bit**** excuse my language. Let me not take any more of your precious time let’s get into it.

  1. NARS AUDACIOUS LIPSTICK DeborahThis warm brown works great for your daily neutral lip, and compliments any dark skin beautifully.Both pigmented and moisteing also.
  1. MILANI AMORE MATTE obsession 18You want a colour thats going to remain in the minds of many at that party, Guy-‘Hey are you the girl with dope lips from the party last year?”  You-“yez zir ” Unfortunately for those in Kampala only  1 left in stock this 2017 in our online cosmetics store, who will be lucky? idk
  1. HUDDAH LIPPIE MATTE mrembomrembo is stunning pink lipstick from Kenya socialite turned business lady Huddah Monroe .It goes well with all skin tones but has a popping effect on darker tones due to its blue undertones.Those in Uganda Order online via and get this Huddah lipstick delivered to your home/workplace  in time for Christmas/New years 2018.


  1. LIME CRIME VELVETINES –black velvet


who said black lipstick didnt look great on melanin huh? black on black never fails dont let anyone tell you otherwise. add it on top of neutral make-up to make the best statement lip money can buy


Did someone say lipstick goals! this highly pigmented , moisturising and light nimoh matte lipstick from huddah cosmetics .We think its a great addition to your shades of lipsticks. If you are in Uganda this festive season check out and order other shades from this collection check out Huddah cosmetics

With that, ladies we have given you all our secrets to lip slayage this 2017. Ain’t no reason why you shouldn’t enter 2018 looking like a Boss or a Bad Bi*** on these streets .Till we meet again ,keep them lip vibes vibing ,ya dig.

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