10 Make-Up Tips For 2017

Since 2016 was all about individuality and a unique character, as well as blending in the androgynous look to some effect, that is more or less what we expect out of the 2017 beauty trends as well,. So without further a do, here are the 2016 trends to keep through 2017.

1.The Real You

Have you ever felt that the beauty looks on models that appear on the Fashion Week stages are just too unrealistic for most of us people getting by with our day to day lives?

What some artists like designer Becca McCharen of Chromat have done is break the uncompromising barriers and bring in models who are transgender, who love blue lipstick, and mostly who have body shapes very much in tune with the average woman’s. Embracing the real you is the best beauty trend for 2017 and that means you can walk out there proud of who you are, no matter how tall or short, how thick or thin, how curvy or not so much. It is refreshing and it is real, which makes the best beauty trend exactly what you want it to be


2.The Truly Red Lips

Okay, this is a classic. It was also one of the top fall 2016 makeup trends, having dominated for the spring and doing no less for the fall and winter seasons. It is lovely beyond belief, with brighter and darker shades taking to the stage, but always staying nice and cherry. It appears that red lipstick is here to stay so you can definitely invest in a few tubes of awesome color.

We see the bright red lips dominate on whiter skinned models actually, but that does not mean that your ethnic background should prevent you from taking on this trend

3.The Gothic Lips

Take a trip to the dark side this year with lips that tell a story that belongs to underground. It can be as dark as black or merely a perfect plum, it can be paired with no other colors to the face or have incredibly nightmarish appeals. It can look pretty or downright out of a horror story. It matters not really. The Goth is in when it comes to 2017 makeup trends and you can wear it as softly or as fanatically as you wish.


4.Pastel and Bright Pink Lips

You know those soft, pretty and pink pouts little children have? The lips of innocence really that have not been affected by the colorings of life as a whole. This is in style to keep to the barely there appeals, with youthful stains to the pouts coming out on stage with feathered edges and coquettish effects ready to seduce one through inspiring the natural inclination to go for the ladies that are left untouched… the virgins, per say.

5.No Color Added Lips (nude lips).

Sometimes there is nothing added, sometimes, it is just a touch of lip glos or even nude lipstick.No matter what, this trend keeps things as natural as they come when it comes to the lips and there is nothing lovelier than that. You see a fresh face with the clear lips at Valentino, a slightly chapped loop to the pout at Balmain, and pale pink rose petal lips at the evanescent Elie Saab Fashion Week show.

6.The Copper Penny Lids

When it comes to eye makeup trends, one color sticks out most from the runways, from Neiw York to Milan, London to Paris: the penny copper hue. It clearly appears all over and lends just a little bit of shading without overdoing it, keeping things mostly natural while making it clear that you have makeup on. It is a beautiful trend that is best loved for its versatility. You can wear it no matter what your plans for the day and then the evening are.

7.Ombre lips

This trend has been around for some time now but it became a hit in summer of 2016 and looks like they are here to stay. Aaliyah rocked the trend back in the day. Kylie Jenner created her line of lipkits basing on the application technique of this trend, the lipliner with lipstick. It is up to you to decide what colors work for yoour skin tone but this is a trend you would definitely want to try.

8.Smokey eyes

Smokey eyes have long been the trend used for seduction. They show off the orbs within while appearing quite appealing in their sexy manner. The smokey eye is the main beauty look that has been utilized by near every woman in this world and then some. The fall 2016 makeup trends give this a bit of an update and add some more smoke.



9.The Statement Liners

It  has became clear that one of the ways you can play with your cosmetics this year is with the liner itself, drawing triangles at the end to extend the cat eye as per Pamella Roland, or adding secondary lines in aqua Jeremy Scott style.You can also go full gothic and turn your eyeliner into your eyebrows as well with the double linings. The more creative , the better.

10.Focus on the Lashes

Sometimes emphasizing certain features on your face can lead to more enticing results. It’s here that adding super-long and thick faux eyelashes can change a whole lot about your look, even if you decide to go out completely bare-faced. You can decide to indulge in wands of mascara or take the bolder move and buy faux lashes. Just remember to be confident while rocking the trend.

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