Streetwear has evolved to encampus;skateboarding, surf culture, sportswear, luxury and non-luxury fashion. As time goes by the definition deiversifies and gets broader.

Earlier years, streetwear in the fashion world was that division between sidewalk and runway until recently a number of brands have come onto/ from the high fashion scene; cottweiler, palace,Hood By Air (HBA).Itnotoriously difficult to define, even by those who wear it. This may be because, as its name suggests, streetwear is largely a grassroots fashion movement influenced by what is currently happening “on the streets,” and is thus constantly evolving. It is possible to isolate a few general principles of streetwear, however. First of all, it is usually centered upon casual, comfortable pieces such as jeans, t-shirts, baseball caps, and sneakers It is also influenced by hip-hop and skateboarding styles as well as 1980s nostalgia, and often features bold colors, graphic prints, and retro designs and logos.

The first time i heard of streetwear, all that came to mind was sneakers, baggy trousers and big shirts and oh boy was I wrong. According to, streetwear is a distinctive style of street fashion, rooted in Californian surf and skate culture, it has grown to encompass elements of hip hop fashion, Japanese street fashion, and modern haute couture fashion. Street fashion is generally associated with youth culture, and is most often seen in major urban centers.

Streetwear has grown more and more each day. Streetwear has evolved over the years. It has become more of a unisex fashion trend. Street wear that was originally only male dominated has grown to include more and more outfits and pieces that are feminine.

Streetwear brands have become more versatile with more out of the box creations and collections. Many Hollywood stars have also adapted the trend; Kanye West, Kendal Jenner Gigi Hadid and many more others even incorporating the style into their own personal lines like Daya by Zendaya and Yeezy by Kanye West.

So forget about baggy pants and huge tees, you can try bomber jackets, sneakers (vans, nikes and addidas), ripped jeans, cropped tops for the ladies and many other pieces.

Streetwear is basically easy to wear and can easily be worn with just a few pieces here and there . The key is to be as open minded as possible and keep thinking outside the box . While this broadening of the church has been largely embraced by consumers on both sides of the divide, when it comes to the industry, some of those caught in the middle of that overlap have been less than enthusiastic. On the fashion side in particular, certain figures have done their best to make streetwear feel like an unwelcome guest at the party.
So what is it about “streetwear” that makes fashion designers retch and recoil like a child struggling to squirm out of a schoolyard kiss? Well, in Mazhar’s words, as reported by the guardian it’s because “[he’s] always associated the term with brands that mainly do T-shirts and sweatshirts. They’re not full-on fashion brands. So, in that sense, it’s belittling.”

This, in turn, raises the question: what exactly separates high-minded “streetwear” from runway fashion? What makes them mutually exclusive? Who can authoritatively say what each one is and back that up with a definitive explanation (especially in an age where the boundaries are so increasingly indistinct)? In many ways the term “streetwear” seems to be about as difficult to define as that other lazy and heavily loaded post-millennial tag thrown around without any serious thought: “hipster.” To my mind it’s clear that streetwear isn’t what it once was, and that a third way has opened up — one that connects the everyday street style/fantasy haute couture divide. It’s a segmented market with a lower and upper echelon, and while one is better suited to the Vans Warped Tour and the other is made for the Marais, it’s reductive to say one is conclusively superior to the other. That’s a debate as subjective and futile as trying to choose which is *the best* musical genre.

Maybe streetwear needs  rebranding (“street couture,” anyone?), or maybe it’ll just take some time for the fashion world to catch up. Time will tell, but let’s all just agree on one thing: no more Spongebob capsule collections, please. Brands to look out for; Pink dolphin, diamond supply, clot,primitive apparel, Ngabi, Humblekloud, La Rue, Golflines, BAPE, supreme to mention just a few.

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